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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


It's the end of August and i'm back in Squamish for a few more days. 'Back in Squamish'? Yeah. It may come as a surprise to some but i did leave...for a bit. Me and my mate Thoma left for the Bugaboos the other week. The A stands for Alpine this month after all, albeit for 7 amazing days. Many other good people that constituted of the camp ground crew all went their seperate ways too after 2 sweet months. Some we hope to see further down the road again, some we won't, but we'll remember the good times we had when our paths crossed and we shared a rope, drank a beer and chilled. 

Here's to the transient family that we have yet to know and to the people we live with now. 

The North Walls of the Chief from the Squaw. Beauty.

Andy leading the super classic Split Pillar 5.10b+. Cheers Flint for the pic ;).

Doubt V5
Death Star V3!
Crackin' it up on the V4 

Climb hard, Chill hard

Brian getting his lead on for Blazing Saddles 5.10b

Moving on to the Bugaboos. Epic post coming soon!